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Trailer Service 24/7          +372 50 17 677

Trailer services and cold start

Working says 08:00-18:00

Within Tartu city 33€

Outside of Tartu city 0,8€/km

Weekends and after working hours 18:00-08:00

Within Tartu city  41€

Outside of Tartu city 0,95€/km

Prices include 20% VAT

NB! Monthly fee only when prepayed!!!

Forcibly towed vehicles 10€ 1st day and 2€ every next day!


Parking prices:

Passanger car: 2,5€/Day 25€/Month

Cargovan:      3€/Day    30€/Month

Truck:    4€/Day    40€/Month

Guarded parking


All prices include 20% VAT

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Equipment we use.

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Mercedes 519

MAN Kraanaga

Iveco Daily 65c15

Mercedes 416 

Volkswagen Crafter

Jeep Cherokee

Load capacity max 2,5t.

Platform 4600 x 2010cm

Winch 3,6t

Load capacity max 2,5t.

Platform 4600 x 2010cm

Winch 3,6t

Up to 6 passengers in the cabbin.

Powerful towing glases and aditional wheels for towing 4x4 vehicles.

Carry capacity: 3,7t

Platform: 5200 x 2160cm

Winch: 4t

Crane Lifting capacity: 4,2t,
8 meters 1t
Payload 5t
Chassis 5600 x 2180cm
Rear hydraulic "glasses" for a car that weighs 2 tons

Jeep Cherokee is at home in snow, sand and woods.

Wherever you a stuck we can come and resque you. Our jeeps have powerfoul winches.

Treilamehed OÜ

Tähe 106a

Tartu, 51013

KMKR: EE101273273 

Telefon: +372 50 17 677
E-mail: treilamehed@treilamehed.ee




Treilamehed LLC is a towing service and roadside assistance provider. Started doings had been in 1997, just one small tow truck. The company was initially "a one-man band." As time passed surge '' band '' members, and in 2009 it received its name Treilamehed LLC. One small tow truck company has now grown into a five tow truck, two jeeps and two road trailer and a small car company. From 2009, we deal with a paid parking lot at Tartus Tähe 106a. Manned parking lot and camera surveillance. Parking is available and can drive trucks, boats, motorcycles.
Through the years we have developed our skills, experience and training necessary to become significant, which requires it to work on a daily basis. Much experience has been issued in motorsport Securing such a rally and rally-cross. By now, after 19 years in operation, we are in their best shape in order to provide professional and prompt assistance. We are 24 hours a day, year round, ready, if necessary, you aitama.Oleme hardworking and reliable, highly experienced, and most importantly, always helpful!

Once you have two, three or four-wheeled friend in trouble, call us, we will try to locate your concerns with the appropriate solution.


About our company and mission.

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Our Partners

Roheline Laine

The Green Wave Ltd. operating since 2002, offering car owners claims handling and 24-hour emergency services. Estonia serviced through various channels, more than 105,000 vehicle owners. The Green Wave LLC customers include leading Estonian insurance companies, leasing companies, insurance brokers, importers of cars.
The Green Wave Ltd.'s mission is to provide the highest quality of security incidents handling and 24h emergency service in the Baltics. Of 2008 In the beginning, a new international trademark Green Wave.
Quality ensures specialization, rigid service standard, professional team and customer oriented solutions.


Falleroon OÜ

Falleroon Ltd. (founded on 14 June 1996) is Estonian private car retailing and wholesaling company, dealing mainly in oils, lubricants, automotive chemicals, spare parts and tools. We reserve the two retail stores - Tartu, Räpina.
We cooperate with automotive shops, -esinduste, -teeninduste, filling stations and industrial plants. We provide customers with high-quality services, a wide range of goods and its own efficient sales support - partners' satisfaction determines our future.

Falleroon veebipood

Portrec OÜ

We are 100% Estonian capital based company that was founded in 2000. More action, we started the year 2008.
The main activity is the transportation services. Full and partial loads Estonia, the Baltic States and Scandinavia.
Our machine park is a tractor of 13, 5 and 1 car tailgate truck scale.
Moreover, the transport platform cars and towing services we provide service in Estonia as well as abroad.

Portreck OÜ

Kuidas kasutada krokodille.

  1. Put on emergency brace and ensure that vehicle does not start to move unexpectedly!
  2. To minimize battery load, turn off all devices that consume electricity such as: air blower, window warmers, seat heaters, stereo, lights ant etc.)
  3. On car with manual gearbox (stick shift) put gear leaver on neutral and press clutch pedal. On car with automatic gearbox put gear leaver on Park and press brake pedal.
  4. Without pressing accelerator pedal turn on ignition and wait for about 5 seconds (until fuel pump starts working and on diesel preheaters do their work) and then engage starter motor. If engine does not start at once continue to turn it over for about 15 seconds with starter motor. Wait about 10 seconds between separate attempts to let the battery to gather itself for a bit.
  5. If engine does not start after 15 second starting cycle or stops after releasing egnition key press accelerator half way and try again. Release the accelerator pedal as soon as engine starts.
  6. If starting still did not succeed then do as follows: press accelerator to the flor and try starting the car. This is necessary to remove fuel from cylinders. Starter motor should not be engaged more than 15 seconds.
  7. After successful starting of the engiene depress the accelerator to avoid of overrevving the cold engine.