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Kuidas kasutada krokodille.

  1. Put on emergency brace and ensure that vehicle does not start to move unexpectedly!
  2. To minimize battery load, turn off all devices that consume electricity such as: air blower, window warmers, seat heaters, stereo, lights ant etc.)
  3. On car with manual gearbox (stick shift) put gear leaver on neutral and press clutch pedal. On car with automatic gearbox put gear leaver on Park and press brake pedal.
  4. Without pressing accelerator pedal turn on ignition and wait for about 5 seconds (until fuel pump starts working and on diesel preheaters do their work) and then engage starter motor. If engine does not start at once continue to turn it over for about 15 seconds with starter motor. Wait about 10 seconds between separate attempts to let the battery to gather itself for a bit.
  5. If engine does not start after 15 second starting cycle or stops after releasing egnition key press accelerator half way and try again. Release the accelerator pedal as soon as engine starts.
  6. If starting still did not succeed then do as follows: press accelerator to the flor and try starting the car. This is necessary to remove fuel from cylinders. Starter motor should not be engaged more than 15 seconds.
  7. After successful starting of the engiene depress the accelerator to avoid of overrevving the cold engine.