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Our Partners

Roheline Laine

The Green Wave Ltd. operating since 2002, offering car owners claims handling and 24-hour emergency services. Estonia serviced through various channels, more than 105,000 vehicle owners. The Green Wave LLC customers include leading Estonian insurance companies, leasing companies, insurance brokers, importers of cars.
The Green Wave Ltd.'s mission is to provide the highest quality of security incidents handling and 24h emergency service in the Baltics. Of 2008 In the beginning, a new international trademark Green Wave.
Quality ensures specialization, rigid service standard, professional team and customer oriented solutions.


Falleroon OÜ

Falleroon Ltd. (founded on 14 June 1996) is Estonian private car retailing and wholesaling company, dealing mainly in oils, lubricants, automotive chemicals, spare parts and tools. We reserve the two retail stores - Tartu, Räpina.
We cooperate with automotive shops, -esinduste, -teeninduste, filling stations and industrial plants. We provide customers with high-quality services, a wide range of goods and its own efficient sales support - partners' satisfaction determines our future.

Falleroon veebipood

Portrec OÜ

We are 100% Estonian capital based company that was founded in 2000. More action, we started the year 2008.
The main activity is the transportation services. Full and partial loads Estonia, the Baltic States and Scandinavia.
Our machine park is a tractor of 13, 5 and 1 car tailgate truck scale.
Moreover, the transport platform cars and towing services we provide service in Estonia as well as abroad.

Portreck OÜ