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Treilamehed LLC is a towing service and roadside assistance provider. Started doings had been in 1997, just one small tow truck. The company was initially "a one-man band." As time passed surge '' band '' members, and in 2009 it received its name Treilamehed LLC. One small tow truck company has now grown into a five tow truck, two jeeps and two road trailer and a small car company. From 2009, we deal with a paid parking lot at Tartus Tähe 106a. Manned parking lot and camera surveillance. Parking is available and can drive trucks, boats, motorcycles.
Through the years we have developed our skills, experience and training necessary to become significant, which requires it to work on a daily basis. Much experience has been issued in motorsport Securing such a rally and rally-cross. By now, after 19 years in operation, we are in their best shape in order to provide professional and prompt assistance. We are 24 hours a day, year round, ready, if necessary, you aitama.Oleme hardworking and reliable, highly experienced, and most importantly, always helpful!

Once you have two, three or four-wheeled friend in trouble, call us, we will try to locate your concerns with the appropriate solution.


About our company and mission.

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