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Equipment we use.

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Mercedes 519

MAN Kraanaga

Iveco Daily 65c15

Mercedes 416 

Volkswagen Crafter

Jeep Cherokee

Load capacity max 2,5t.

Platform 4600 x 2010cm

Winch 3,6t

Load capacity max 2,5t.

Platform 4600 x 2010cm

Winch 3,6t

Up to 6 passengers in the cabbin.

Powerful towing glases and aditional wheels for towing 4x4 vehicles.

Carry capacity: 3,7t

Platform: 5200 x 2160cm

Winch: 4t

Crane Lifting capacity: 4,2t,
8 meters 1t
Payload 5t
Chassis 5600 x 2180cm
Rear hydraulic "glasses" for a car that weighs 2 tons

Jeep Cherokee is at home in snow, sand and woods.

Wherever you a stuck we can come and resque you. Our jeeps have powerfoul winches.